how to block a website from mozilla

i have a website i would like to block from Mozilla but there is no internal method of doig so. (kinda stupid i think)

so i was wondering if there was a plugin that someone knew of to do this, or if there was a way to block a website from your computer, using a registry hack or somthing

someone told me to hack the

which i did, but that didn't change anything unfortunatly.

any help would be appreciated.

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  1. when you edited the hosts file, did you immediately try to go back to the website to find that you could get there? if you did, your problem may be that your computer resolves dns information from a web server, it is cached by for a set period of time. you may have to wait for that set period of time to pass before your computer will check your host file for the information, therefore using the dummy info you put in there.
  2. Could you tell me, how can i found out, that which IP address belongs to the website which i want to block?
    So what should i write in the file "hosts", if i wanna block a page?
  3. goto start>run type cmd then type ping websiteaddresshere...

    so if you wanted the ip address for google you would type ping

    this tells me that the ip for google is which you can then use in the hosts file.
  4. You can do it with this software, it's a good one -
  5. there are alot of free sotfware to block a particular website,,, just search in the google..
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