Installing Silencer 3? (Video card cooler)

I have been having problems ever since I started playing Dx9c games >CS Source, FarCry, World of Warcraft. Full crash, Reboot, Blue screen. The only error message I ever got was "cannot read memory ####". I upgraded my cpu and it seemed to get better. But not completely, so I bought a silencer 3 for my Radeon 9800XT. I dont think I installed it right cause now the problem is worse then it was. now it crashes every 10-30 minutes. Im going to start monitoring the video card temp thru the Overclocking tab in the properties. Right now best I can tell it crashs after it goes over 75degrees.

Does anyone know the proper procedure for installing it or where I can read about how to install it correctly. The directions are to vague. I installed it with a bare layer of compound. then reinstalled it with a thick layer of it. Neither worked any better or worse. Ive put it back to its original state and it is just the same.

Also, I took side cover off and aimed a fan right at the case 2 feet away and it runs fine after that, or at least it did til I quite playing and went to bed... which would have been over an hour.

System: AMD Athlon XP 3200+400mhz, Radeon 9800XT, Asus A7v600, 512 pc4000, 512 pc3700Pro, 200gighd, 80 gig, Audigy MP3, dvdwr, dual monitors, Lian Li case(4 fans).

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  1. These problems have only happened with your 9800XT? It sounds like you have assumed it's a cooling problem, when it might have some bad onboard RAM, plain and simple.

    Have you tried running a memory testing utility to see if your system RAM hasn't gone bad?
    What are your system/CPU/GPU temps?
    Have you tried underclocking your card to see if it's more stable?

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  2. Because you say taking the side off and using a fan seemed to work, I guess your system has an airflow problem.

    Do you have any casefans? I would suggest as a minimum 1 80mm intake fan and 1 80mm exhaust. More/Bigger fans would be better.

    What are your system temps?

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  3. I have a Lian Li case, it has 2 intake fans 80mm in front drawing air thru. It has a 80mm fan on top and a 80mm fan below the PSU drawing air out. The air flow is pretty clear thru from fan to fans. But it could be cleaned up a bit. I dont know how to clock down my video card? I monitored the video temp last nite and it stayed below 73degrees most of the nite. locked up only once and it I didnt get to see the video temp before it all went dead, but I was watching it and it was climbing up to the 73degrees just before it did it.
    I will run a memory test program to test memory. But ive been told memory doesnt over heat so I was just going with that. Is Sandra a good program to use to test memory?

    I had upgraded my CPU from 2600XP+ to 3200XP+ which maxes out my motherboard. And I played HalfLife2 all weekend with graphics practicly maxed out and had no crashes or boots. I believe WOW has some bugs and is small part of my problem but this crashing has started as soon as I installed the Silencer3 and didnt do this like it is now before that.

    Thank u both for the comments I appreciate the help.

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