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I have a problem with my m1730, ill give the specs first:
T9500 core 2 duo,
4gb 667mhz ddr2,
sli 8800m gtx

Ok so one day, the laptop decides not to turn on into boot, so i realised its the gpu, so took it all apart, attempted to bake but to no avail...strange. so then i tried to turn the laptop on at another time and now theres no activity at all, the "on" light goes on, other lights like bluetooth flicker for a sec then nothing, no lights or hdd activity or anything after initial launch of the laptop.

So im just wondering if anyone has come across anything like this and maybe had a solution?

thanks in advance :)
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    what do you mean " after initial launch"? if you mean after the self test and then quits when it tries load Windows then you should try getting into the BIOS, usually you hold hit F2 soon as you power up. If you get there you can see if anything isn't registering correctly or try set everything to default.

    If you can not get into bios then I think it's a hardware problem which can be difficult to pin down (due to being a laptop)

    Might try to take it apart again and make sure there's no dust, bent pins and everything is connected properly.
  2. Baking your GPUs is about the dumbest thing you can do. Sure it has worked for others, apparently since there are videos about it. But id NEVER trust a YouTube video for anything but purely entertainment purposes. Chances are it wasnt your GPUs but something else. Good luck Betty Crocker.
  3. yeah it wont even enter bios, so guess its pretty much a write off. haha ive baked gpu's before when there was no other way of fixing them and it has worked, but there are exception, i had nothing to loose, the gpu was the problem because it wouldnt show any display and flashed the locks icons in a specific way, indicating theres a problem. i opened it all up and ya never believe it, but dust is the killer. the card in general with nothing clogging the vents, would reach about 75 degrees on load, but with the dust in there it did get a lot hotter, i didnt monitor how hot at the time but i did feel it but i was too busy to really take the time to look into it. dang...
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