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I have an acer aspire 8943g laptop with a mitshita uj 240 as dvd drive.
Is there any way of making this dvd player region free.
Many thanks
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  1. I haven't heard of regions in a very long time but I would try video lan client if you have an RPC1 drive it will work right away, if not then well you might have to find a firmware hack for the drive.
  2. You're asking us to help you bypass a copyright protection scheme? This is against the forum rules.
  3. I don't see anything illegal about it. I own plenty of legally bought dvd's from europe that I watch in the US. Heck even bang and olufsen unlocks your dvd player if you ask for it.

    Sorry but I bought my media and I have the right to watch it. Don't care about artificial locks on regions. Because oh someone decided that they want to time the releases so that you can't buy a US dvd before it is released in the EU.
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