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I've searched the forums but am unable to find a solution to my problem. The problem I am experiencing is that my laptop keeps freezing. After the first freeze I restarted a few times the laptop but it would freeze during bootup. After leaving it for a while I would manage to log into windows but after 3 minutes it would freeze again. I left it overnight to see if it would work in the morning but only managed to stay on the desktop for around 6 minutes before it froze.

I suspected this was a overheating issue so I managed to install temp checkers before it froze, but the readings seemed normal (CPU was at around 45C, GPU around 35C and HDD 30C). Has anyone got any idea what the problem could be? I am now suspecting it could either be faulty Memory or a bad HDD, but am baffled as to why it would fail when bought just a couple days ago.

The laptop is an MSI GE60 0ND bought brand new just 2 days ago from Amazon.

Any help would be much appreciated,

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  1. RMA it!
  2. Yeah I wanted to make that the last option as I spent a full day transferring files from my pc to the laptop and downloading files only for it to be a waste of time.

    Shall I contact Amazon or MSI?

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