I'm not an Administrator on my PC!

Here's the deal after being struck by a Trojan horse called Sandesa.B (the virus program took care of it) my pc has been making me MAD.
The first reboot after removing the TH my firewall decided to shut down. Restarting or reinstalling the FW didn't help either (no error message - it just shuts down)

Why am I telling you this... well when wanting to uninstall my not working firewall I got a message that told me that I wasn't an Administrator and I wasn't allowed to proceed. Now I was worried!
Later on I found out that I couldn't use regedit (same reason), msconfig (It shuts down seconds after being started) or dxdiag (doesn’t start).
I did what I thought was the right thing - I reinstalled Windows (98SE).
I tell you, this wasn't a smart move! Win98SE has directx 4 and because of my Administrator issues still remaining(!!!) I couldn't install dx9. This means that I now can't play one single game! (Man this made my mother happy!)

Does anyone know what I can do to regain my rights as an Administrator? (anything else besides formatting my hard drive) By the way I'm the only one who is using my pc so there is only one account (no logging in or that kind of things).

Extremely thankful for a respond!
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  1. there isn't any such thing as rights on a 9x machine. I think you still have some sort of virus.

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    jlanka (. .)
  2. Thanks for the answer... I suspected this. Virusprograms can't find anything so I'll try WinXP Pro and if that doesn't help I'll format my hard drive (just hope I know how to do it).
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