w2 almost here which single agp card is best ??

I am almost ready to upgrade to a new video card from an ati9600,but i am totally confused now as what to buy now i was looking at sli but i visited futuremark,harocp,etc,and almost every post was against sli right now so i guess i might just get a single agp card but i want the best vid card between all the ati/nvidia flamming im confused please help guys i am finally able to buy and want to be happy with my choice

pentium 4 3.2
oczpc3500 el ddr platinum matched ddr433
western digital raptor 74 gig 10k rpm
8knxp gigabyte
geforce 4 titanium 4600(i know get a faster card)soon!
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  1. While I generally would say the GF6800U is a waste of money, considering the BFG GF6800GT has been $349 at outpost. Right now outpost has the <A HREF="http://shop3.outpost.com/product/4082632?site=sa:Homepage:Spot5" target="_new">BFG 6800U OC for $449.</A> Not a bad option compared to a $400 GF6800GT, but still alot of money if a GT is found on sale.

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  2. There's nothing *wrong* with SLI, but it doesn't seem worth it for the cost/benefit ratio, especially since SLI motherboards are so much more expensive than their non-sli counterparts.

    However, your pentium 3.2 is a decent CPU still, so a new AGP card makes sense for you. All you have to worry about is how much you have to spend... in the $200 range, get a Geforce 6600GT. $350ish will get you a 6800GT which is a faster choice. The ultimate would be a X800XT or X850XT if you can afford it.

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