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I want to know if there are websites like where they publish laptops promotions and other things
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    That's my site - it's not so much for promotions as it's for comparison
    Anyway, yes - logicbuy, for example, or slickdeals

    yes, but there I find laptops at a great price and gamers that is what interests me to my
  2. But gaming laptops
  3. Nobody knows anothers websites of gaming laptops promotions ?
  4. please
  5. My budget is $ 900, but the less I spend would be better
  6. Those 2 sites I sent constantly have deals and you are able to customize where you see fit. Just start with something low and add/remove what you think you may or may not need.
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    I just think you better first understand what you want. Like: GT 650M, GT 640M, screen size, etc. Then try and find good deals for such laptops

    Really really i want to play fifa 2013, battlefield 3, COD Modern Warfare 3 & Black Ops, I am content with medium-high settings. I do not use advanced programs, only games and browsing the web
    Oh, i want a Hp laptop with sensor fingerprint, HD Camera, and nice:D
  8. okey, my budget can reach up to $ 900, but if there is something cheap and good, one that I saw 6135dx DV6 with backlit keyboard but that this beautiful, Beats sound and serve me for games: D
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    You can get the HP dv6z-7000 with Radeon 7730M, nice matte FullHD screen, 6GB DDR3 and A6-4400M cpu:

    BF3 on medium settings at least. Other games on higher settings

    Its standar keyboard, and i want blacklit e.e, or... the mouse of the laptop(-8
  10. But this notebook can be overclocked ?
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    cpu - not much if at all
    gpu - maybe. Don't know

    You can get faster laptops, but you said you wanted something like the 6135dx

    Yeah, because the cpu and gpu of the 6135dx can be overclocked, and it is cheap
    and when to do this can improve the graphics
  12. Quote:
    not much. The new Trinity A6 and A8 already come with higher clocks and the GPU is faster too
    Besides, the 6135dx was cheap because it was sold as refurbished

    But in most of the reviews say it went very well even being refurbished, look up how much you can overclock the Radeon 6750M: FINAL UPDATE: ~ 800/900 @ 0.955V (core / mem) And at $ 530, if I find one with backlit keyboard I will buy this. What do you say?

    And the 7730m, like is new generation it cant be overclocked ! i read this
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    I don't say it's not good, I just said it was refurbished. I usually but used / refurbished myself..

    Currently the 7730M is not good for OC. but maybe some future bios update or drivers thingy could do it.

    So, you don't want it?
    You still get a much better screen and at least the same performance.
    Also, remember that OC'ing the laptop causes more heat and higher energy consumption

    And you're absolutely right, I think I'll wait until there is a promotion to $ 750, with a video card good processor and let me play battlefield 3, COD Modern Warfare 3 on medium settings-high, and that these can overclock, hp fingerprint sensor and backlight keyboard or mouse, with beats, bluethoot, full hd beats and audio.

    Sorry for my english, im mexican and i using google translate !
  14. x.x
  15. Quote:

    What is the difference at fullh hd and hd
  16. I think that i will wait the dv6 6135dx, and i replace the screen for another full hd, and i will overclock gpu and cpu
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