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I was just wondering, would running my Windows XP on (800x600) resolution or (1280x1024) resolution affect my computer's performance in anyway? particularly in games(assuming in games, my resolution is always 800x600)?

Thanks for any help given =)

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  1. In games, it makes a huge difference in performance. The higher the resolution, the more pixels your GPU has to render, and therefore affects performance. It doesn't matter what your desktop resolution is set to, because in 3D games, you change the res from within the game. If there is a particular game, change the resolution until you find a comfortable balance between Res and performance.
  2. Also keep in mind that some games <font color=red>will</font color=red> crash if the game resolution is set to anything other than your desktop resolution. For example, if your desktop is 1024x768 and you try to run a game at 1280x1024 the game may crash. <font color=green>If</font color=green> this happens with any of the games you own, make sure to set desktop and game resolutions to the same value.

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  3. and what games from this decade do this?

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  4. seriously man, when was the last time you had that happen? ive only had that happen with counterstrike when i was messing around with opengl mode.

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