Old Dell Inspiron. 1200 will not power on

I have an old Dell Inspiron 1200 laptop that had a lot of information I thought was lost. The laptop survived the most powerful tornado in US history on May 22, 2011. When I originally found the laptop after the storm, it had been closed, so there was some water on the outside but when I opened it, and powered it up, it worked. In the following days, it was packed up in a box and put away. Two moves later, I finally found it again and tried to power it up to retrieve my lost info. It will not power on now. The indicator light on the ac adapter is lit and the battery ligt on the compute is lit steadily. When I hit the mower button, all 4 lights at the top by the keyboard light up, then turn off, with nothing coming up on the screen. I get the same result when I take out the battery and try to power up with only the adapter. Can it be salvaged?
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  1. The laptop may be dead, but the data may still be recovered. Get an external enclosure - similar to this that will allow you to just attach your laptop drive to a computer and retrieve your data, and then you'll have a backup drive.

  2. I'm thinking if it got damp, corrosion may have eventually caused some damage after the initial even. It's almost impossible to say what the issue is. Strip it down and remove all peripherals, drives, batteries, etc. and see if you can get a boot screen or see if there is any obvious damage.
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