Gateway FX ms2252 green static on screen

When I boot up my laptop and get to the windows home screen there is green like static all over the screen with a few lines running down. This also shows up if I go into safe mode. I have plugged a external monitor into the laptop and that shows a perfect picture with no issues. Does anybody know if it could be the lcd screen or a bad connection? Please help if you can. Thanks :D

PS: When I get to the first screen that says "welcome" during start up there is no green like static.
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    Yes, the LCD or the cable are possible faults, but the only way to be sure which is the problem is to test it. A local computer repair shop should be able to diagnose it. This is just something that needs physical testing and the laptop screen and cable aren't common things I'd expect you to have to test with.
  2. Thank very much for the reply and help. :D
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