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I read on the Microsoft web site that a user could select to completely block third-party cookies with the newest verison of ie (ie 5.5) Any ideas how? Third-party cookies are cookies on a site that come from advertisements and trackers like double click (not related to the actual site visited). These tend to be the biggest offenders of online privacy and I want them gone! I know of only Mcafee's Guard Dog that can do this now, but if IE5.5 can do it I would rather save the $40. Please help
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  1. IE 5.5 handles cookies the same as any of the rest of IE versions using the pathetic always, prompt or never routine. Be careful of upgrading to 5.5 I have seen many people have problems, myself included. Though my problems were minor and easily repaired I have seen many people give up. What I found is that 5.5 doesnt come with the reapir tool included in 5.0. To work around that I deleted 5.0 from add/remove programs as I think having both versions is what causes the problems. The I went to microsoft support and got the Q194177 response. At the very bottom of that page are the instructions to fix IExplorer from the run command with IExplorer off. It worked terrificly. All problems solved. Now to answer your question better, you will need a third party program to control cookies. Some of them are cookie crusher, cookie jar, kookaburra software. And as flavio writes try I cant tell you which is best as I havent had time to check them all out yet but I hope this will get you started. On a side note a great little program for viewing the cookies to see what is in them and who controls them is at called cookie viewer. After you see what the cookie is for you can selectivly delete them and then control the with one of the other programs. Good Luck

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