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I recently just put windows 7 professional rtm 64bit on my laptop
when i would either play half life and half life 2 games for like a minute or sometimes a few seconds my computer freezes up and crashes.

i have 2gb of ram ddr2 800mhz
cpu t9600
9600mgt 512mb ddr3
resolution is 1680x1050

i have tried everything it would always get a blue screen and uninstall itunes i thought that was the problem but no.. i even put a new batch of arctic silver on both the gpu and cpu.. i can just surf and do notes on word i just cant do any gaming for some reason does anyone have the same problem or anyway to fix it?
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  1. darn guessing no one else has this problem
  2. all your drivers up to date?

    or support the games you are playing?
  3. Try a different driver version. Make sure you're using win7 drivers.
  4. Agree with other comments, this sounds very much like a driver issue.
  5. What are the computer temps looking like?
  6. the temperatures are reading from 24C with my cpu before gaming once it hits gaming goes to 54C which i think is pretty high drivers are up to date and gpu goes up to 71C i reapplied thermal paste on both.. it might be my guess but i think the fan/heatsink it comes with just plain sucks! ive run diagonostic see if anything wrong with it and i have dled all drivers! ima buy a fan to put under see if that helps if that does means my heatsink and fan are gonna need replacing.
  7. The GPU is fine as is the CPU. Even at 71c most GPUs can hit 80+c before they are going to artifact and then of course shut down/die.

    I would double check all drivers and make sure to do a clean install by using a driver cleaning program to remove all traces of the old drivers.

    Good luck.
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