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Is there any available software for a Sidewinder Precision Pro joystick to make it compatible with Windows 7?
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  1. No Need for any extra software or patches, As per Microsoft Site your Sidewinder Precision Pro joystick is fully compatible with Both 32/64 bit Versions of Windows 7.
    Here is the reference:

    Have a look at this thread, will solve your doubt

    Hope this helped you!
  2. sorry! im late to the party. I have a MS sidewinder FFB pro. Am trying to interface with USB as it has a gameport/vga style 15 pin (male) connector. Can anyone help with adapters etc- sure would like to run this on my windows 7 case. Also have the power brick for the FFB- add on sound cards were suggested but I have on board and i dont want to start that mess. thanx for any help :sol:
  3. Pinhead101 -- that's the same problem I have with my MS Sidewinder. It's the old style and the new computer motherboards have no port for the VGA style male connector. I purchased an adapter (female to male Sidewinder to USB) online but it was carp; never worked. I tried contacting Microsoft and they were useless; said they didn't make one, but would be happy to sell me new hardware.

    I'm in the same boat with you, I have the MS Sidewinder Pro, but cannot get it to work with my computer.
  4. Hey! I went into Wiki online and there is a wealth of info there. I have found several sites ( pc -a/v, cables etc) that carry adapters for these sticks- the circuitry is in the adapter, unlike Belkin and most of the others. I also had to find a ' gender adapt' to go from my DB-15 (with only 9 pins in it) to the USB adapt- PLUS the word is I wont be able to use the FFB -even with the power brick 120v/12vdc- seems after all that I wont have the main feature I want from this stick--While im dicking around with this I have a new CH combat stick on its way! Let me know how you end up, good luck

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