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I am having trouble with my new laptop. It seems to be that when it is on the battery, the screen will automatically adjust brightness depending on what my screen is showing. For example, it will be a white screen, then go to a web page, and the screen will get darker. Only by about 5%-10%, but it is very annoying. It's not an ambient light sensor problem, because A) I don't have one and B) Those options are off.
I have also looked in the Dell QuickSet program, but this doesn't give me an option to turn off, which is what I had read in another forum.
Any help would be very appreciated,
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  1. Never mind! I have found the solution! In the AMD Vision Engine Control Centre, under Power, press "PowerPlay". There is an option for Vari-Bright. Simply un-check this box, and it all works. I know a lot of people have had this problem, but this is the final answer!
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