6600 SLI or 6800 Ultra

Should I get 2 6600 SLI Cards or go for a 6800 Ultra?
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  1. oh you go for the ultra without a doubt. well i would have no doubts anyway.

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  2. 6800 Ultra for sure.

    Not only is it better than two 6600GT's in SLI, but it leaves the option of buying a second 6800 to SLI in the future.

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  3. One more vote for 6800U or a 6800GT. Only thing that the 2 -6600GT's have to offer is they are priced right and more available. I'm sure that single 6800U cost alot more than the two 6600GT's (it's $250 more around here), but performance and future wise, the single 6800U is the better solution for sure.

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  4. Definitely the Ultra, but if you're flexible with your options, you'll probably have an easier time finding an X850XT(pe) than an Ultra (either of which you should get, regardless of upgradibility), so I recommend that. Oh yeah, the ATi is faster in just about everything except D3. Or, go for an X800XL (save money now, sell later for little loss) and get an R520 when it comes out in May. Or go for a 6800GT and just save some coin.

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  5. So I should go for 1 6800 Ultra PCI-E and then get another in the future if I want the boost in performance... Correct? What about brand? BFG since they have the lifetime warranty? ATI Card huh? Has their driver support improved? My last ATI was a pos because the drivers didnt work for crap.

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  6. Quote:
    ATI Card huh? Has their driver support improved? My last ATI was a pos because the drivers didnt work for crap.

    Today's ATI drivers are top-notch, equivalent to nVidia drivers, if not better in some aspect. ATI have more WHQL certified drivers than nVidia and their upgrade path is easy to follow. 1 driver release per mouth (or so), and some BETA drivers in rare occasion.

    I personnally think that drivers is not an issue anymore for ATI or nVidia in the GPU buying decision. But right now, the GeForce 6000 series have the technological edge with the support of SM3.0.

    And I agree with all the other guys, get the 6800 ULTRA. And don't forget to get a SLI-CERTIFIED card to be sure that you will be able to pair it with another 6800 ULTRA in the future. By the way, SLI is suppose to work only 2 identical card. I don't know if there will be tricks in the future to pair any SLI board together... But it's good to be aware of that possible issue.

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