Averatec 3700 WLAN driver won't install

One of my daughters has an old Averatec 3700 notebook that she asked me to do some work on. I wiped the HDD and reloaded XP, and everything works fine, except I cannot get the driver for the wireless LAN adaptor to install. The file I downloaded from several different sources is called ""3700_XP_WLAN_3.0.1.0.exe". Every time I try to install it, I get an error saying:

"Error 1305, Error reading from file C:\Docume~1\xxxxxx~1\locals~1\Temp\WZSEO.tmp\IEEE802.11abg Wireless LAN Software.msi. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it."

I have tried this .exe file from a few different sources and they all do this. I went to this location and saw that that .msi file is not there. I even went online and found this file and put it in the correct location during the install process and then I got a different error code saying:

"Internal error 2755, 1624, " and then it lists that .msi file.

I don't have alot more time to spend on this thing but she needs it. One other thing is that in the device manager under Other Devices, I get two "?" and "!" for Network Controller and PCI Simple Communications Device. The wireless adaptor isn't listed under network adaptors so I can only assume one of the marked entries is it. I read in another forum that the drivers for the chipset and CPU need to be installed first, which I tried, but it made no difference. Anyone got any ideas? I have reloaded the HDD on my Asus G73 a couple times and didn't have this much trouble.
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  1. I just went through this grief last night reinstalling Windows XP on an Averatec 3700. Their WLAN exe file has an issue unpacking itself. I found the following workaround. Get yourself a copy of 7zip freeware. You can use 7zip to extract the exe, then within that extract the _winzip_ file. Finally in that you will find the msi for the actual installer, and it will work.

    Good luck (if you have not already tossed out the 3700 by now). Great little machine actually.
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