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My wife bought an Acer laptop about 4 months ago, and has been having trouble with wireless connectivity ever since.
Her model is:Acer Aspire V3-551G, and wireless card is Atheros AR5BWB222 wireless network adapter.
We have checked out numerous avenues to get it working properly.
The problem is that it takes a looooong time to connect to our home network. It should be connecting relatively straight away, but can take up to 1/2hr to connect. :fou:
When i go to Network and Sharing Center, then Connect to a network, our network shows up, i try to connect, it fails, then network drops out.
No other laptop, or even the desktop has this problem.
I an thinking there is a problem with the wireless network card, and am wondering what would be a good replacement card?
Yes, we have tried all software routes that i can think of, updating drivers for starters, even done a complete re-install.
Any help appreciated guys/gals.
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  1. Download the latest Wireless LAN driver from here if you didn't try the latest; remove the old ones first using device manager and restart.

  2. Tried that, but on the off chance i did something wrong i'll try it again.
  3. Well, for a minute there i thought it was ok. uninstalled, then re-installed drivers, connected almost straight away. Restarted, took about 2 mins to connect, then about a minute later wifi dropped out.
    Like i said previously, this isn't happening with any other laptop/desktop on our home network.
    Help guys, the missus is getting really annoyed with this, and me :lol: :lol:
  4. also check your router for the newest firmware. sometime there are issue with diffrent wifi chipsets.
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