Which is beter laptop:HP or Lenovo?

I want to go buy a new desktop but I don't know which one is better. I want to spend $300-450 at least. Please help, I'm going tmr to find one.
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  1. Desktop or laptop?

    Lenovo has great reviews. As with everything, there will always be not so happy customers or laptops that just miss the quality mark (for various reasons).

    I, personally, avoid HP.
  2. On desktop- I would not suggest either- on Laptop here are my thoughts:

    I would say that in my experience I have had 3 HPs and 4 Lenovos. All of these computers are still in working order. IMHO:

    Main advantage of Lenovo in low price bracket= superior keyboard to pretty much anything in low budget range. 13-15 inch models in their low price range selections however tend to suffer from inconsistent build quality. I would suggest Ideapad s205 with a E-450 processor (assuming you are looking for a portable small laptop).

    Main advantage of Lenovo in mid-high bracket= Superior build & unorthodox designs. Swirly screen anybody?. However - safe to say these are outside of your budget.

    Main advantage of HP= decent all round, but will develop more flaws from bloat-ware if not deleted. Also tends to be a shoddy long term investment.
  3. I have generally been happy with my HP laptop I have had just under 2 years. However there was a mainboard problem when I first got it and it took HP more than 30 days to diagnose the problem, so they repaired my laptop instead of replacing it with a new one. Just recently the hard drive failed and they sent me a replacement, which I installed. I purchased directly from the HP store, which provided me with the longer 2 year warranty. I am getting ready to help my wife select a new laptop and given my experience I would select a Lenovo over a HP laptop.
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