How to reset acer aspire one hardrive password

i forogot my password and I can not get inot my laptop. How do i reset the hardrive password?
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  1. contact acer with proof of ownership.
  2. If its the hdd password you can't reset it. If you forgot the password the hdd is now a paperweight. You'll have to replace the hdd and reinstall the is to have a working computer again.
  3. hdd password can not reset. you chang the hdd
  4. wibrown said:
    i forogot my password and I can not get inot my laptop. How do i reset the hardrive password?

    It is not possible to bypass ATA passwords. This is part of the hard drive firmware and cannot be circumvented. If you forgot your password that's too bad. You can send the hard drive into a professional data recovery service but it will cost you hundreds of dollars to recover the data
  5. reseting your password, as said above, is not possible. If you have a desktop you can sometimes format the drive, you lose all your data but you don't have to buy a new hdd or pay a data recovery place, unless you have the windows disk or thumb drive, you have to buy a new windows disk or, this is what i would do but I am biased, try a linux distro. Ubuntu is good for most computers, lubuntu is good for low power computers like netbooks.
  6. Although I could suggest something that may let you reset the password, I am hesitant. I know that if had my hard drive (PC, laptop) was lost or stolen, I would not want people to get access to my data. Is there a Tom's Hardware consensus on not helping people with these types of problems? I seem to recall seeing a similar post where assistance was refused.
  7. It's not a consensus. It's against the rules to even ask. So NO we won't help you circumvent security.
  8. It is not clear from your question that you are talking about hard drive password or Windows login password (as you said "I can not get inot my laptop"). If you are talking about hard drive password then I think it is not possible to reset it. So you need to format it by connecting it to some other PC or laptop. On the other hand if you are talking about Windows login password then you can reset it using password recovery software (Click to get list of password recovery software).
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