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What Card should i buy???

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February 5, 2005 12:12:33 PM

I'm building a Home Entertainment/Gamming Computer for my Graduation Project so far I’ve been struggling with what components's I should buy, but now im stuck cause I just got my NForce4 Ultra Athlon 64 board I know a lot of people who were raving about the board. But now im not sue what kind of graphic card I should get? So could 1 of you guy's help me out with this and explain y I should get w/e Graphic Card u post. Thank You So much.

I'm new with computer's and im herer to learn more about them. I'm currrently a 11th grader at Abington Hights High School.

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February 5, 2005 1:28:01 PM

What is your budget? We need to know approximately what range you are in or we can't help. It's no help listing $600 cards, like the top of the line X850XTpe, if your budget is $150, or no help saying the GF6600GT is the best sub $200 card now if you desire a $300+ high end card.

Have you read <A HREF="" target="_new">THG VGA Charts V</A> to see many(not all) of the available PCI-e cards?

Are you building it right away, or gathering parts over time? I ask this, because the best deal now isn't likely to be the best deal months from now. High end PCI-e cards are high priced, and the new recently released mid-high end cards aren't yet available at their retial/list/announced price. Look for the X800 and X800XL to be great choices once availability increases and prices drop to their $200 & $300 anounced prices.

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February 5, 2005 2:04:04 PM

so far what I have just learn is that with the Nforce4 board that only Graphic card I can u is an Nivida card I think there an 6000,6600, and a 6000 ultra so I guess my real question is. wright now im sorta leaning to the 6600 board but yet im still not sure which 1's are better the only thing I do know is that the more expensive 1's are faster but yet should I spend the extra 200$ on an 6000 Ultra. I was hoping to go with AtI but it looks like that haven't come out with a card that can support SLI just yet. My budget at this time well lets just say I don’t want to spend to much $ on a graphic card. wright now I have about 1 month instill my project is do...unless my teachers go back on strike but for now the deadline is March 29th.

I'm new with computer's and im here to learn more about them. I'm currently a 11th grader at Abington Heights High School.
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February 5, 2005 4:16:42 PM

i wont spend more money on an SLI mobo cause it biult in 2 the nforce4 board and yes the X800XL or X850XT are very very good but there like 400-500$. when the Nvidia cards r like 150-170$ yeah i'll ned a tv card but there only 50$ but what your saying is true. bUt by going with Nvidia i could keep my option open.

I'm new with computer's and im here to learn more about them. I'm currently a 11th grader at Abington Heights High School.