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I want to download free antivirus for my laptop for one year
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  1. There are loads of free Anti Virus programs, all you have to do is Google. Personally I use Avira Free Edition.
  2. Hi,

    I recommend Avast free
  3. i have tried AVg and Avast. I recommend Avast. I've heard Avg is a memory hog.
  4. lookerup said:
    i have tried AVg and Avast. I recommend Avast. I've heard Avg is a memory hog.

    No, avg is alright with memory. I am running avg in 512mb with win7 home. Avg is fast with gaming mode.l

    But i also recommended avast. It has good reputation.
  5. I use Avast! Free and the free version of Malwarebytes which does not auto scan; you must manually start the scan.
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    rgd1101 said:

    +1. That's Microsoft Security Essentials, by the way. I've used Norton, AVG and trend over the years, but after trying MSE Iwill never go back to any of them.
  7. Far best antivir prog ... i work as admin for 1 huge firm and i must say ... those free progs do fine, but when smtin hard come round ... they fail hardcore ... so there u have a 3 month free ver. of Panda Internet security 2013 ... It's not global protection which is way better, but should be fine and a lot better than rest "free" ones ...
  8. da mi si mie un antivirus bun
  9. I personally use MSE and Windows Firewall and set it up to automatically scan the computer periodically. And let windows update automatically along with security updates.

    So I never notice it exists till I want to. As most other programs I used in the past will usually do more than just an update and require a new instal of the program or something else that bugs me a bit. While this one doesn't and it just works. Oh and it's free, so no worries on paying for a subscription or anything of that nature.
  10. Hi :)

    MSE ...

    All the best Brett :)
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