9800pro slow GUI acceleration issues


ever sinse Ive had this 9800pro , whenever I resize a window (with the handle at the bottom right hand corner) it uses up 100% of my CPU and is VERY VERY slow. Dragging windows around is fine, thats accelerated in hardware and uses barely any cpu

i used Rage3d tweak to enable a few extra GUI acceleration options and still it chugs like a mofo. My TI4200 never had these issues (I never thougth Id say it, but ATI drivers really suck sometimes)

Any card can accelerate windows, even teh Rage128 in my work computer is faster. I have tried many different driver versions over about 5 OS installations.

Anyone had this issue with ATI cards?

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  1. Ever since you've had your 9800Pro..when?
    did you run DXDIAG to see if DirectDraw is enabled?

    I had that problem before. I never had problem with ATI's driver untill Catalyst 4.9 if I remember, when I uninstalled 4.8 and install 4.9, I got that weird problem. I used System Restore back to Catalyst 4.8, problem fixed.
    When Catalyst 5.1's out, I installed it, got the same weird problem. I ran dxdiag, found out DirectDraw is NOT available, obviously, Direct3D is not there either.
    However the problem was fixed when I used ATI's software uninstall to complete remove the driver from my system, then re-install 5.1 again..
  2. its happened sinse I purchased the card. cant remember if it happened with my 9500pro...

    Directdraw is enabled, and Direct3d is too.. 3d games and benchmarks run fine. get 6400 in 3dmark03

    I have had this card for 5 winxp installations. Tried 4.7's -4.12 drivers. I have used Drivercleaner to clean anything left over in safe mode after uninstalling the drivers, and cleaned the cabs files of any built in drivers too.

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  3. Bizarre. Definitely sounds like a driver issue... I haven't experienced this problem with my Ati cards.

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    <b>3dMark03: <font color=red>5,354</b>
  4. ya it kinda sucks a$$ :/

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  5. How about disable "Show Window contents while dragging" ?
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