9550 What are The Best/Good Specs

Not all GC of # 9550 have the same performance level!

I'am going to buy a 9550 8x AGP GC and would like to know the best specs - memory size and speed, brand, bit, etc.

If you could please list the best to average/acceptable so that I can check the details on the box, or refer part # before I purchase. If you know/heard of brands of that # (9550) that have lowsy specs, please list them.

I have read that some versions that have more memory are slower than 64mb types, because they use cheaper memory, etc. I don't want to find out after buying the card that I have a slow version :(

Also, best to OC as well.

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  1. I think the best you can hope for on the memory is 200MHz (DDR400) at 128-bits. Now, if you could find a 128MB or 256MB card with that spec, good for you.

    Some brands are using 4ns memory, or so I've heard, so it can be clocked up from the stock 200MHz to 250MHz and still remain within spec for those chips.

    I have no idea if there are multiple VPU speeds.

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