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Hello folks!

I was wondering about some "boutique" notebooks stores around to get me some nice (and cheap) notebook. I know this one:


And the usual newegg and other generic stores to see around.

Well, the questions at hand:

Does anyone know Sager? Have any feed back on them for me? Do you know another brand (besides Dell and HP) that lets you customize notebooks for cheap?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I have heard of sage. I hear they make damn good gaming laptops. ASUS ROG laptops are very good as well. Gaming laptops vary because it depends what games your going to be playing. If your looking for placed to buy then Newegg would be first place to check, then look at best buy (Not always over priced), also check out some of the placed that make custom gaming desktops like Ibuypower or cyberpower. Also I'm not sure if you've heard of them but

  2. Looked at those 2 and Sager keeps being the best in P/P ratio.

    The 13" with the i7 and GT650M or the 15.4" with the i7 and the GT675M are damn fine products from Sager.

    I'll keep looking around and thanks for the suggestions.

    Does anyone else have more? :P

  3. Well, Razer, and the Dell XPS laptop line are two others that are meant to be or can be configured as "gaming laptops".
  4. chugot9218 said:
    Well, Razer, and the Dell XPS laptop line are two others that are meant to be or can be configured as "gaming laptops".

    I was gonna say Alienware but yea Alienware is Dell so you beat me to it
  5. Right-o, I couple that in with XPS now (I liked it better when Alienware was it's own company :(). I believe Sager is one of the more reliable custom laptop builders.
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    If i were you. I would just get the Sager. for the money your not gonna find much else out there with that high end of a specs unless maybe samsung..
  7. I have owned a couple Waters and my current laptop is a Sager, they are a very well built system. I have been very happy with mine.
  8. Ah, I see.

    Thanks for the advice guys.

    Gonna give Sager a try and will let you know once I get it from them.

  9. Good to hear!
  10. Ok, so a little update.

    Sager's sales person that I interacted with is a very cool folk (email only, though) and notified me that I got lucky, cause they got new Intel CPUs for the notebook type I picked.

    So, here's the detail of what I got:

    - 15.6" chassis with 1080p glossy display
    - nVidia GeForce GTX 675M w/2GB (a Fermi; the MX'es won't arrive till next month or something)
    - i7 3630QM (up from a 3610QM for free; it's a 100Mhz base speed bump)
    - 2x4GB DDR3 1600
    - 500GB HDD + docking bay with a 500GB HDD (instead of the ODD)
    - free ground shipping with UPS.

    All that for US$1,540.60.

    I'd say it's a steal. Now, the only "problem" for me was the Wire Transfer; they don't accept credit cards. Since I'm not from the USA, I've been very complicated, lol. So for folks outside the USA, I'd talk with a friend there that has an account or think about the extra fees of making an international bank transfer.

    Once it arrives, I'll do a quick bench and post it in the sticky.

  11. Sounds good mate!
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  13. Enjoy your new Laptop!
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