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I got stuck waiting today and in my boredom wrote down all the ATI and then NV AGP cards I could think of at the time. Then I started to number them based on performance. Just cheated, searched, and added 5 old NV cards to the list that I couldn't remember. Anyway, IMO here is the list in order from best performer to worst. Comments, additions, opinions, & corrections would be appreciated.

<font color=red>ATI AGP Cards</font color=red>
Radeon X800XTpe
Radeon X800XT
Radeon X800 Pro
Radeon X800SE
Radeon 9800XT
Radeon 9800 pro 256MB
Radeon 9800 Pro 256-bit
Radeon 9800 256-bit
Radeon 9700 Pro
Radeon 9700
Radeon 9800 Pro 128-bit
Radeon 9800 128-bit
Radeon 9500 Pro
Radeon 9600XT
Radeon 9800SE 256-bit
Radeon 9600 pro
Radeon 9800SE 128-bit
Radeon 9600 Pro EZ
Radeon 9600
Radeon 9500
Radeon 9550 128-bit
Radeon 9600SE
Radeon 9550 64-bit
Radeon 9550SE
Radeon 8500
Radeon 9100/ 8500le
Radeon 9000 Pro
Radeon 9200
Radeon 9000
Radeon 9250 64-bit
Radeon 9200SE
Radeon 7500
Radeon 7500le
Radeon 64MB DDR
Radeon 7200/ Radeon 32DDR
Radeon LE
Radeon SDR
Radeon 7000/VE
Rage Fury Maxx
Rage Fury Pro (Rage 128 pro)
Rage 128 (Xpert 2000)
Rage Pro (Xpert 98)
Rage IIC

<font color=blue>NVidia AGP</font color=blue>
Geforce 6800 Ultra
Geforce 6800GT
Geforce 6800
Geforce 6600GT
Geforce 6800LE
Geforce FX5950 Ultra
Geforce FX5900 Ultra
Geforce FX5800 Ultra
Geforce FX5900
Geforce FX5900XT(SE)
Geforce FX5800
Geforce FX5700 Ultra
Geforce 4 Ti4800
Geforce 4 Ti4600
Geforce 4 Ti4800SE
Geforce 4 Ti4400
Geforce 4 Ti4200 8X
Geforce 4 Ti4200 64MB
Geforce FX5700
Geforce 4 Ti4200 128MB
Geforce FX5600 Ultra
Geforce FX5700 LE
Geforce FX5600
Geforce 3 Ti500
Geforce FX5200 Ultra
Geforce 3
Geforce 3 Ti200
Geforce 5600XT (SE)
Geforce FX5500
Geforce FX5200
Geforce 4 MX 460
Geforce 4 MX 440
Geforce FX5200 64-bit
Geforce 4 MX420
Geforce 2 Ultra
Geforce 2 TI
Geforce 2 Pro
Geforce 2 GTS
Geforce 2 GTS-V
Geforce MX4000
Geforce 2 MX400
Geforce 2 MX
Geforce 2 MX200
Geforce DDR
Geforce 256 SDR
TNT2 Ultra
TNT2 pro
TNT2 M64
TNT2 Vantra
TNT2 Vantra LT

I hope to later combine the ATI/NV lists into one list, which although not cut and dry on real winners, the goal is to make sure that for the same price each card would be a better buy than the ones below it.

EDIT - Changes made:
Put GF6600GT above 6800LE

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  1. Already done, my friend! At least, I made a version some time back... I think I updated it a month or so ago:

    Video card tiers, from worst to best, IMHO
    (Cards on the same tier perform pretty much on par with each other, taking into account performance and features on the whole. In some cases, isolated benchmarks may not reflect this ranking, especially when testing an application that highlights the differences between cards with different architectures and strengths)

    1. Nvidia TnT2 = Rage 128
    2. Geforce 256, Geforce2 MX200, Geforce4 MX 420 = Radeon SDR, Radeon LE, Radeon 7000
    3. Geforce2MX 400 = Radeon DDR, Radeon 7200
    4. Geforce2 GTS
    5. Geforce4 MX 440, Geforce2 Ultra, Geforce2 Ti200 = Radeon 7500
    6. Geforce FX 5200 (64 bit) = Radeon 9200SE
    7. Geforce3, Geforce3 Ti200 = GeforceFX 5200 (128-bit) = Radeon 9000, Radeon 9200
    8. Geforce3 Ti500, GeforceFX 5200 ULTRA = Radeon 8500, Radeon 9100, Radeon 9000 PRO
    9. Geforce FX 5600, Geforce 5700 (64-bit), Geforce 6600 (64-bit) = Radeon 9600 SE, Radeon X300SE
    10. Radeon 9500, Radeon 9600, Radeon 9550, Radeon X300, Radeon 9800 SE (128-bit)
    11. Geforce4 Ti4200, Geforce4 Ti 4400, 4800SE, Geforce FX 5600 ULTRA, Geforce 5700 = Radeon 9800 SE (256-bit)
    12. Geforce4 Ti 4600, Geforce4 Ti 4800, Geforce FX 5700 ULTRA = Radeon 9600 PRO, Radeon X600 PRO
    13. Geforce FX 5800 ULTRA, GeforceFX 5900 XT = Geforce 6600 = Radeon 9500 PRO, Radeon 9600 XT, Radeon X600XT, Radeon 9800 PRO 128-bit ed.
    14. GeforceFX 5900, Geforce FX 5900 ULTRA, Geforce 5950 ULTRA = Radeon 9700
    15. Radeon 9700 PRO, Radeon 9800
    16. Radeon 9800 PRO
    17. Radeon 9800 XT, Radeon X700 PRO, Radeon X700XT
    18. Geforce 6600GT = Radeon X800SE
    19. Radeon X800 = Geforce 6800LE
    20. Geforce 6800 = Radeon X800 PRO
    21. Geforce 6800GT = Radeon X800 XL
    22. Radeon X800 XT, Radeon X850 XT
    23. Geforce 6800 Ultra = Radeon X800 XT PE, Radeon X850 XT PE

    <b>Radeon <font color=red>9700 PRO</b></font color=red> <i>(o/c 332/345)</i>
    <b>AthlonXP <font color=red>3200+</b></font color=red> <i>(Barton 2500+ o/c 400 FSB)</i>
    <b>3dMark03: <font color=red>5,354</b>
  2. Ah, should've figured Cleeve would beat me to it. Guess you've been a bored geek yourself at times. :smile:

    I think it stemmed from reading the GF2 MX GF4MX posts this morning, which sent me back to some nice memories, and then having to sit and wait for a phone call. It was fun.

    I'll study your list and tell you where you are wrong. JK :wink: :lol:

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  3. Well I think you both need to add the FX5600U Rev.1 and Rev.2 separatley.

    I disagree with the placement of the basic FX5700 versus the GF4tis (all of them). No GF4ti IMO equals the plain FX5700. The added AA/AF settings just blow them out of the water IMO.

    Funy I've also see alot of the R9800SE-256bit as coming in ahead of the R9600XT, but this may be due to improper specs (many were running off the HErcules Specs which were higher than the average board [no surprise there]).

    Speaking of bored and lists, the other day I was at home drinking on the couch watching TV (once again no surprise there :lol: ), and I sent an updated list to this thread which grabbed some of it's info from Lars' Buyer's guide it seems. Anywhoo just thought you'd get a kick out of it. I did find a few minor errors in my own writings (also remember I was trying not to alter the list too too much) and a few others I would've added, like the next day I went to 'edit' in the R9800PE(128bit) into the list and do some SE/ELP/LV/XT/etc updates, but there wasn't an edit button! I also shoulda picked on the 'no shaders' comment as technically the cards the guy listed have T&L with support for high level PS version, but it's semantics, thought of it as crap cards on the list. Oh, well.

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    You may recognize a familiar name. :evil:

    Took a long time to rearrange their list.

    Ahh, boredom. :wink:

    - You need a licence to buy a gun, but they'll sell anyone a stamp <i>(or internet account)</i> ! - <font color=green>RED </font color=green> <font color=red> GREEN</font color=red> GA to SK :evil:
  4. LOL, and I was almost embarrassed how fun I found this little AGP comparison. Seems you too are as pathetic as I am...been there/done that. LOL That was a good read and I'll look it over as I combine the lists. Hope you go easier on me when I'm done. ;)

    Even worse, if i could get my hands on all these cards I would try to free the time to bench them all. :redface:

    Anyway, I can't remember the revisions of the 5600U but I'll be sure to look it up and add the revisions.

    I am 1/2 way through combining the ATI/NV lists now, but am going to take a break as I'm about to put my oldest to bed freeing me up to install that GF6800U that came today. Yippee! Anyway, looking at some reviews, I can see the FX5700 easily being above the Ti4400. It's so tough as in some tests the Ti's smoke it, others like painkiller the FX5700 wins. I know they GFTi's are aweful with AA, but really is that a useful feature in the FX5700 either? How often do you even use it with your far superior 9600 pro? I'll work more on the combined list and post it sometime within a day or so.

    I expect alot more input and harsh words when I combine the two lists. My goal for that list is what's the better buy. So priced the same what is the better buy FX5700 or Ti4600? With every two cards, I'll use that question to pick a winner, as outright (across the board) performance leader will be almost impossible to pick. But for the first two seperate lists, I tried to stick to performance as best I could remember.

    Thanks for the input so far.

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  5. I like the ATi Rage Fu<b>rr</b>y Maxx. :tongue:

    Anyway, looks good. The issues that I'd have with ordering have already been mentioned, no use to type extra. Maybe I'd lower the 5800U below the regular 5900, but that's about it (other than what's been mentioned).

    Good job.

    Maxtor disgraces the six letters that make Matrox.
  6. Don't take my list as rote either, there are a few flaws in it (R9800SE-256bit might be slightly higher than I placed it, and the GMA900 slightly lower [but not much] in retrospect).

    The thing about the FX5700 is to remember that it usually is trying with full shaders in most games, and the GF4ti is simply doing 1.1 work (no PS1.4). AA/AF does play a bit of a factor, and I do use it on the R9600P. The thing is to know when to use it. Sometimes you can't go from 1280x1024 to 1600x1200 but you can run 1280x1024 with 2XAA and 4XAF, and it looks alot better. The last generation of cards became very efficient with AA/AF, whereas the GF4ti was still doing it the hard way. The penalties on even the FX5700 and R9600 are far less than the GF4ti and while both may match playable frames at 1024x768, the ability to enable even a slight image tweak gives it the win to me.

    Don't get me wrong the GF4Tis are very nice cards, and were still a great bargain not to long ago, but we're talking about performance and results more than bargain now, and even the GF6200 can often best the GF4ti, and offer you so much more in the process.

    Of course no single list will satisfy everyone without a HELL of alot of caveats and justifications and asterixes.

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  7. Fixed the Typo. :smile:

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  8. Quote:
    Of course no single list will satisfy everyone

    That's for sure. I'll have some splainin' to do when I place th plain Radeon 9600 above a GF4 Ti4200, but to me it is worth more seeing what it can offer in newer titles both features and performance wise.

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