building my first system and need help

I'm trying to figure out which video card i can get for my buck. I'm a gamer and movie watcher and may do some encoding down the line. I might be looking into a pci express so AGP and PCI express card suggestions would be much appreciated.

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  1. What do you have to spend?

    Best for the buck is a used Radeon 9700 PRO for about $120. Next up is the 6600GT for ~$200... then the Geforce 6800 for ~$250, 6800GT for ~$350, and then it's the uber-expensive X800XT's, 6800 Ultras, and X850XT's.

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  2. I have about 250-300 cdn dollars, maybe a bit more.
  3. midbudget i would guess (am in uK so not sure how thprices compare but my 2 centsworth...

    AGP - 1st.6600GT 2nd.9800Pro
    PCIE - 1st.X800XL 2nd.6800GT 3rd.6600GT 4th.X700pro

    256mb if you can afford it

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  4. Not sure on Canadian pricing, but I'd look for these options(pretty similar to ones mentioned above):

    AGP) GF6800 (not the slower 6800LE), GF6600GT, Radeon 9800 pro 256-bit

    PCI-e) Radeon X800 (not yet widely available, but when it is it will dominate this price range), GF6600GT (available and priced lower than AGP models, very nice card for the money, X700 Pro (behind the GF6600GT in most tests, better though in HL2)

    It's not your only option, but your price range screams GF6600GT. I posted a good review of the BFG models <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A> just a little while ago.

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