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I ordered BFG 6800 Ultra OC from Fry's Outpost for $399.99 US. I called about $50 rebate. Since it was not at web site. The guy told me that price $399.99 plus rebate was no longer available. I told him I have to on my screen. I said if I hit send the order price of $399.99 would not go thru. He said it would not. Well :smile: it did go thru for $399.99 He did not beleave it. I told him I have order number. He said call back in an hour or 2. They sent email to confirm my order. I checked staus at their web site. It says in process to ship. So lets see if I get it for $399.99. I still want the $50 rebate.
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  1. good luck!
  2. I was SOOOOO tempted to get it, but then I looked at the money I've been saving and thought that it would be a waste since I'm upgrading sometime this summer to a PCIe platform.

    Anyway, you definitely nabbed the deal of the week! An Ultra OC for the price of a GT on sale (assuming you got the $50 rebate, otherwise just the price of a well-priced GT)!

    I'm really interested to see how it'll OC as supposedly the OCs are getting even better, especially with the UE (1.5V) BIOS.

    Again, great buy!

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  3. At this point, you probably won't get it, but will get a cancellation email within a day or so. Very often, if they are getting more in, they WILL still ship the item even when it says call for availablity. Especially if you order first day or two once the stock status gets changed. I think this is a bit late though as it's been listed as "call" since Saturday night, and I am sure the list of back orders is huge at this point.

    Hey, if you get the card though, you did place your order on time as the rebate purchase date ends today. A little "offline" history search brought up the <A HREF="" target="_new">rebate link</A>. Print it out now. ;) Hope it works for you. If not, PM me and I'll email the PDF to you.

    By the way, I got mine yesterday after ordering it Saturday. Not bad from CA to NJ.

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  4. Update. My order is in at $399.99. It's backorder. I called the guy said they took it off web site for $399.99. Because 170 cards on order. Thanks for rebate link. I have to buy black ink for my printer. Today last day at 399.99 price. Than back to 599.99.
  5. I doubt it will be $599. That's the water block version. They have had the plain air cooled Ultra for $449, $479, and $499 usually. Hope you somehow end up with one.

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  6. Ya unless Best Buy does another 25% of PNY I'll grab one of those. To bad ATI has supply mess. I wanted one of those HIS cards.
  7. I'll be sure to PM you if I see a killer deal again. If they can have a $350 Ultra, maybe a sub $300 GT is soon near.

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  8. Finally the prices are starting to come down. Enjoy your card it should last you quite a while.
  9. Heck they do sub 300 GT I'll buy it. Fry's has 6800 OC for sub $250. At $249.99.
  10. Unfortunately, it doesn't look promising for this week. They update their sales Friday morning, and only video card deal is the BFG waterblock 6800U for $549 this week. I'd be surprised if that GF6800 for $250 doesn't have a waiting list too as it hasn't said in stock for a while now.

    Notice the BFG 6600GT AGP is the same price as the 6800, but in stock. I got a retail BBA 9800 pro for $170 shipped from them a while ago, and the BBA 9600XT was in stock for $200 at the same time. Their prices aren't very good, but their sale items can be outstanding deals.

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  11. Best Buy has BFG 6600GT PCIe for $249.99. When I looked at box. I said about time they have 6600GT. When I went back to look agian to buy. That's when I saw PCIe. Rats. With gift card would have been $150. Good price for 6600GT AGP.
  12. Update. I called Fry's yesterday on eta on 6800U. The woman who I talked to said maybe end of week. It's not in by then you should cancel your order. how many people are going to cancel on getting a BFG 6800U for $350 USD.
  13. I just mailed in my rebate today.

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