Hi all need help with a problem.I am running Win98SE & DX8.If I go to the device mgr and highlite my display adapter-Voodoo says everything is ok and that the drivers are there.DX8 says the same thing.Nothing shows up in the registry for the drivers,3dfx or Voodoo.I tried a clean install again last night,same thing.Evrything says drivers are there but no show in the registry.This time I got a error box that said "newdev.dll was missing.I cant find a replacement for this .dll anywere on the web.What is the matter,what is the fix.Thanks.
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  1. I would suggest going back to directx7.....I don't think that 3dfx has put out a new WHQL for Directx8...Try for the dll's....They have several url links to online dll Archives...

    I would call Tech support @ USA: 800-234-4334
    UK: +44-0-753-212-612...They are usually very helpful
  2. rdschmidtgo,sorry I havnt responded sooner I was havin trouble getting loged on.I have tried putting in all kinds of .dll's.I cant get any drivers from anywhere to show up in the registry.They show in device mgr and DX but I dont see how they can be installed and working if they dont show in the registry.What in the world is going on here?
  3. I would recommmend going back to DX7 right now as well. I'm not certain if DX8 is in final stages yet outside of WINME, but I had nothing but problems with .dll 's and the like when I had it installed.

    I recommend gettting DXunistaller from Very safe and I've used it numerous times. ABout 10 now. :)

    The Jolly Wizened Oaf!
  4. Thanks for the post Ramonetb. The major problem has been solved.I dont know about deleting DX8,from what I heve read one mistake and goodbye.Have to think about it.
  5. Everything working now? That's great!

    May I ask what your solution was?


    The Jolly Wizened Oaf!
  6. Ramonetb,It was a case of being really stupid and dumb.I was looking in the wrong place in the registry for the drivers to show up.
  7. Next time you need to find something in your registry try using the search feature. d:^)

    Even the best computer nerds get stumped once in a while.
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