What's your favorite tv show?

guys what's your favorite tv show? Mine is Doctor Who till now.. how about you?

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  1. The IT crowd
  2. Breaking Bad and Big Brother.
  3. Louie
    Walking Dead
    Daily Show + Colbert Report
  4. Daily Show, Big Bang Theory, Futurama, IT Crowd.
  5. @Gulli

    I also like Futurama and Big Bang Theory alot. Although I have to pick IT Crowd as fav. I haven't seen Daily Show. I am going to see it. We have very similar taste.
  6. Futurama, Its always Sunny, and RIP MST3K :: sad face ::
  7. i like sunmusic.its very interesting..
  8. Hi guys,

    I like to watch all TV shows & this is the best way for entertainment.Family Guy is my favorite TV show.This show is one of the best comedy TV show.I 'm enjoyed the all episode of this TV sow.Its very funny TV show.hahaha

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  9. my all-time favorite still has to be Married...with Children
  10. The Wire
    Prison Break
    Family Guy
  11. Everybody loves Raymond and Prison Break are my favorite TV-Show which I never miss to watch
  12. Daily show + Big Brother..
  13. Big Bang Theory now but the Xfiles was the best.
  14. My favorite TV show are:

    Family Guy
    The X-Files
    south Park
    American Dad


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  15. Ancient Aliens
  16. How I Met Your Mother!

  17. The Big Bang Theory
    Rising Hope
  18. brucew0617 said:
    The Big Bang Theory
    Rising Hope

    i will admit raising hope is quite good
  19. My favorite TV show is charmed- it's about 3 sisters named Phoebe, Paige and Piper. They each have one very unique power and are known as witches.
  20. laryshin said:
    My favorite TV show is charmed- it's about 3 sisters named Phoebe, Paige and Piper. They each have one very unique power and are known as witches.

    Great show but don't forget Pru from season 1 and 2 and maybe 3. She was the eldest sister but died early on.
  21. New favorite this year is Ringer. Sarah (Buffy) is back!
  22. my new fav show is the new beavis and butthead.... omg laughs all day
  23. Walking Dead hands down. If you love Left 4 Dead, zombie movies in general...BEST SHOW EVER.

    Then there are close seconds for me:
    Finding Bigfoot
    Terra Nova
    Ghost Hunters
    Young Justice (yes, I still watch cartoons as an adult:)
  24. Lost is my favorite show, I really enjoy when watch and its really interesting TV show.
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  26. I love “Ocean Girl”. It’s an amazing TV show. It’s a story about ocean and also it matched with UFO. I like the characters are Neri and Jason.
  27. I like TV shows. My favorite TV shows are fun to watch. Watch more shows by paying for TV and watching TV shows.
  28. FlintIronStagg said:
    i will admit raising hope is quite good

    That's right, but it seems have stop for several weeks
  29. brucew0617 said:
    That's right, but it seems have stop for several weeks

    Its been back on for a few weeks already
  30. My all time favorite TV show is Lost Girl. It is an awesome TV show with an impressive screenplay.
  31. My all time favourite US TV shows are Friday Night Lights and Friends. Those are really interesting and I never missed it.
  32. I like Lost TV Show. This is so good and uniquely awesome series.
  33. In the list of recently tv shows which i like they are "Dexter" and "Bones" which is on the air these days.... :bounce:


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  35. My favourite TV shows are:
    1. Man vs Wild
    2. Fbi files
    3. American idol
    4. Mr. who
    5. Tom and jerry
  36. New one for me - man vs food.
  37. hehehe everytime I see that show my belly aches. I mean who are these poeple and when did they learn to eat so well? o god, the steaks, the beef, it just kills me!!
  38. My favorite TV show is Man vs Wild. I like this show very much. I never forgot to watch this TV show.
    Other my favorite TV shows are:
    1. Big Brother
    2. American Idol
    3. Family Guy.
  39. Mine is Nat'l Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel and History Channel and i bet your all confuse because it's all about tv show, well, all of the tv shows with the list i provided, addict and fanatic about facts.
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