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I have a Mat Mania board that has sound issues. You can only hear the
"One....two....three!!!!" very faintly. There are no other sounds
present. I **think** this has been caused by the board being plugged
into its harness upside down which perhaps sent some power to a very
inappropriate place on the board. Since I don't have the schematics for
the board and can't find them anywhere, can anyone suggest a place to

And before anyone suggests it, I already know that acquiring a new
board would probably be much easier than trying to fix this one.


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    Ahhh Mat Mania. My first game. I would start by trying to locate the
    audio amp. Unfortunately my PCB is in storage so I can't help you you
    but look for linear IC's near the audtio circuitry. If need you you
    could start at the edge connector and work your way back.

    Good luck...
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