Never before seen ATi card will be thrashed!!!

You heard it here first! ATi is sponsoring an overclocking challenge (among other things) in Dallas starting two weeks from today. OPPAINTER (current record holder in 3DMark01) vs. FUGGER (frequents this forum and is about to break the P4 records) vs. MACCI will face off in a variety of benchmarks. ATi will supply the CPUs, the MOBOs (better believe they're based off their own chipsets!), and a never before seen graphics card. Read more about it here: <A HREF="" target="_new">ATi</A> and <A HREF="" target="_new">OPPAINTER's discussion</A>.

We don't really know what the cards are yet, maybe some X200s or maybe X900s, we don't know.

EDIT: We DO know that they will be going for the 03 and 05 records and are essentially guaranteed the records by ATi. There is also a review site (forget which, I saw it a couple of days ago and didn't believe it) that is teaming up with ATi and giving away a system GUARANTEED to be in the top 10 international 3DMark03 and 05 rankings--they didn't mention any OCing, either! They also said that there will be two new pieces of never before seen ATi technology incorporated. My guess is AMR with X900s....but who am I to say?!

EDIT2: I found the info I was alluding to earlier. Terry Makedon (the head of the Catalyst program at ATi) will be there and he (and one of his friends at DH) are promising some new, AMAZING tech. Since he's involved, it's gotta be Catalyst related, which likely means AMR. It also likely means (in order to make this truly special from SLI) that it can be used (as announced) with two different types of cards. Read the thread <A HREF="" target="_new">here.</A>

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  1. I don't think X900 as in R520, I would guess you're right with the AMR solution, and maybe an R48x variant.

    If it is the R520 this will have a HUGE impact on the market buzz for every piece of overpriced crap out there.

    Dang interesting, and only a few weeks away! :cool:

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  2. Quote:
    I don't think X900 as in R520, I would guess you're right with the AMR solution, and maybe an R48x variant.

    If it is the R520 this will have a HUGE impact on the market buzz for every piece of overpriced crap out there.

    Hmmmmmm, good point. Anyway, I just noticed that Terry edited his post saying "may or may not have seen these two new pieces of hardware." That probably means Bullhead w/ AMR and no R520....but you never know!!!

    Anyway, if I had the cash and could get out of school and get permission to go down there, I would....but that's a lot of ifs.

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  3. Interesting read there. It will be fun to see what happens. Got my hopes up that R520 will make an appearance.

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  4. Lots of Nitro being used. Where's scottchen? Right up his ally. OCing.
  5. Now if I can get that 6800U before then. Do you think they'll let us in? I'll trade them my 6800U for whatever new vid card ATI has.
  6. I'd trade them my whole system right now to be the first person to own a R520. I'd be off to ebay to make a fortune after building up a quick PCI-e A64 to test it on while the auction runs. Ah, a week to game on it, getting to spill the juicy's of it's specs to the world, and reap the benefits of supply and demand for my own gain for once. :lol: Fun geek dreaming for sure.

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  7. Have you done any 03 and 05 runs yet? With your brand new 6800U?
  8. I did a few 03 runs in a row when i first installed it. More to test for stability & IQ issues, but of course was curious to see the score.

    No tweaks, and no overclocking of card or cpu. Just drivers set to default and all default speeds. Anyway, It scored over 12K with the 6693 drivers off the BFG CD. I couldn't record them to the orb as it turned out there is now a new patch that must first be applied. I then moved onto playing a couple games. Tomorrow I hope to mess with it alot more.

    So compare my best former score of 6863 3dmarks(click 'My' in my signature) with overclocking the A64 and the 9800 pro, to a no tweak no OC 12K+. Not too shabby an increase. I'll run some HL2 timedemos tomorrow as well as 3dmark05. Eventually i'll update the sig with the new system.

    Edit: Best of all, I haven't had any issues or concerns with the card at all so far. It's a performer for sure, I just hope it remains to be trouble free like the 9800 pro had been. Actually this K8N NEO2p has been a rock so far, quite pleased to say the least. And now with the 6800U it's complete. Just need so get off these forums and game a little. :wink:

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  9. Good increase in 03 score without OCing yet. The best thing I like about BFG is lifetime warranty. You fry it by OCing the heck out of it. They give you a new card. So you can do it all over again. :smile:
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