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Hi, I am having a lot of trouble choosing the best laptop out of the one that is currently looking eye-candy for me.

I would like to be able to play Guild Wars 2 nicely without any lag (high settings would be nice :P).
Although I'm a poor and a picky uni student, I would like the laptop to be:
(*) durable (as in lasting for a few years)
(*) not be too bulky to be carrying around with.
(*) have removable batteries if possible.
(*) good webcam would be nice

These are the one that is on sale atm...

Option 1 - HP DV6-6b10TX
(*) 15.6" (1366 x 768)
(*) Core i7-267QM (2.2Ghz)
(*) 8GB RAM
(*) 640GB HDD
(*) Radeon HD 6770M

Option 2 - HP Envy 15-3023TX
(*) 15.6"
(*) Core i5-2450M (2.5 Ghz)
(*) 8GB RAM
(*) 750GB HDD
(*) Radeon HD 7690M

Option 3 - Asus (dunno the model >.<)
(*) 15.6"
(*) Core i5-2450M (2.5 Ghz)
(*) 8GB RAM
(*) 1TB HDD
(*) GeForce GT 630M

Option 4 - Asus K53S ? or K53SD ?
(*) 15.6"
(*) Core i7-2760QM (2.2 Ghz)
(*) 4GB RAM
(*) 500GB HDD
(*) (not sure what GPU it has >.<)

Option 5 - Acer M3-581TG
(*) 15.6"
(*) Core i5-2467M (1.6 Ghz)
(*) 6GB RAM
(*) 500GB
(*) Geforce GT 640M

If possible, please rank the laptop from 1-5, best to worst and explain which would be the best so that I could convince myself to get one :P

Thanks for taking your time to read this :D
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  1. Oh no I'm not in US.. I'm buying from New Zealand. But atm they're all within my budget (except for the M3) :)
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