Another dual monitor question. Which card? How to?

How could I do to use my two monitors?
1. Should I buy a graphic card with one vga output and one dvi and then use a dvi-> vga adapter?
2. Could I, should I use two graphic cards?

I have two identical TFT monitors with VGA connectors which I would like to use with my computer(no DVI input). The graphic card only has one VGA output so something needs to be bought.
I do not have any need for fast graphic card for gaming.
I intend to use the second monitor mainly for e-mail, palettes etc.
Curious to hear what others have tried (and failed).
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  1. What is your current card? (has a big impact in the viability of options).

    Either will work, having a single card is better IMO for simplicity sake (less issues about start-up and conflicts).

    However if you can find a cheap 4+mb PCI card I'd say that'd work, but depending on the resolution of your monitors you may want to ensure that you card has sufficient resources for larger resolutions at 60+hz. This will be more dependant on the quality of the RAMDACs involved than the memory on the card.

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