Lenovo B305 No Power/ Power Adapter Light Goes Out When Connected.

Lenovo B305 No Power/ Power Adapter Light Goes Out When Connected.

I am hoping someone can offer some advice/help with what I fear is a terminal/repair cost prohibitive problem which has started out of the blue this morning on my daughters IdeaCentre B305.

She came to turn it on this morning to print last nights school homework & no response from the machine at all.

I took a quick look at it before leaving for work & did the normal things, such as checking power cable was firmly attached/ checked the plugs fuse/tried another wall socket etc etc.

I have noticed the power adaptors green light is on when unplugged from the machine & goes out when I attach the power cable to the machine!

If I then then take the plug out of the machine the green light on the power adaptor remains unlit until I remove & reinsert the plug at the wall socket, if I then reinsert the plug into the machine the green light goes out on the power adaptor goes out once again!

After Googling the problem, I have read some posts with similar problems on other computer manufacturers websites/forums.

The diagnosis all seem to point to either something has short circuited the motherboard or a power adaptor failure, with the motherboard issue being the most common.!

I am really hoping some kind soul can give me some assistance & advice as just how to proceed in getting this resolved.

If indeed the Ideacentre is going to require a new motherboard! I have a feeling the cost & fitting of such a replacement may well be cost prohibitive & a new computer may be a better option! I really hope that is not the case as the whole family absolutely love the Lenovo!

Any advice or tips on how to proceed to resolve this problem would be very warmly welcomed.

I am not sure if it is relevant! But we are in the UK

Many Thanks in advance!

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  1. having same exact issue with a customer. sounds like a mobo issue needs replaced but im sure they will want $300+
  2. Definately a short somewhere in the system - no telling until it is disassembled as to what and where. If you know of a repair shop nearby that can diagnose it for you - could be as easy as a loose piece of (something) metal inside...
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