Video problems w/Compaq CQ50

Screen was out (very dim - no backlight). External VGA monitor looked fine. Ordered new inverter, put it in, no change. Ordered new (used, from ebay) video cable, put it in, screen comes on for 2-10 seconds then goes out (dim picture still there, as before).

It does not always go out when it changes graphics modes; it sometimes goes out while still on the Compaq logo. I figured it was a bad video cable connection. I flexed the screen and cable, pushed, pulled, wiggled all connectors on it while running, no change.

I figure it cannot be the panel itself because there would not be any picture, as in the initial picture flash or the dim picture. Or could it? Or maybe video chip?

Has anybody seen this before?

UPDATE: If I unplug the video cable from the motherboard while it is running and plug it back in, the picture comes back, but only for the same 2-10 seconds then goes out again. So I guess it is not the cable.
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  1. Sounds like the monitor is going to sleep after the 2-10 seconds. Can you try another monitor that maybe a friend has or another one in your house?
  2. This is a laptop. My description is referring to the internal LCD screen. An external monitor works fine on it.
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