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Getting ready to buy a new card and have decided to purchase a nVidia 6800 GT but I don't know which company to buy from. I'm looking for the best hardware setup with a good amount of features. As far as bundles like games go I really don't care much about them cause I either have it already or I don't want it. I don't want to spend a arm and leg for top notch but I don't want the cheapest either. Any suggestions?? I've used PNY before and been happy but I'm open to suggestions. I'm running a AMD XP 2600+ on a DFI LanParty nForce2 Ultra mobo and a antec true 430 watt ps. Running Windows XP Pro with 2x512 PC 3200 ram in dual channel.

Almost forgot, I'm looking for a AGP verison.

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  1. Quote:
    ... I don't know which company to buy from. I'm looking for the best hardware setup with a good amount of features ...

    Dude, I hate to say this, but it seems that you have your priorities straight and consequently you have enough information to do your research. Don't be lazy. Google and browse a little.

    It is one thing when someone does not know what card is best for his/her hardware setup or when someone is undecided between ATI and nVIDIA or when someone is unsure whether to go GT or Ultra, etc.. You know what you want. Research various manufacturers, prices, availability and feature sets and purchase your card. Why are you asking someone else to do your leg work for you?

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  2. i will do some leg work for you.
    go bfg, lifetime warranty is their best "additional feature". you can oc it to death and they will give you a new one.
  3. Are you sure that you can OC it to death and them send you a new one? I dont think they will replace it if you burn it out.

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  4. 1st of all there's lots of video card makers out there. Some of the test they run are the same while some are different but most of them are against most cards like ati or like a ultra card and hardly ever against the same card but against a different manufactor. If memory serves me right when the GeForce 4 Ti series was out I recall that either it was LeadTek or VisionTek had a bad rap for making crappy cards but I don't recall which one. They soon after the TI cards went to make ATI cards but are still making nVidia cards. Also I know that Pine Tech. makes very crappy cards but this is from word of mouth. I admit that a Lifetime Warrenty has always caught my eye and that's why I had always purchased PNY but from what I understand PNY no longer offers that anymore with there video cards. But you know a lifetime warrenty could mean just a lifetime of reparis. o.O Hehehe
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