GeForce 6800 power requirements

Hello everyone, this is my first post here so please go easy on me!

Basically my question goes:
I'm looking to build a completely new base unit and am a little concerned at the power requirements for GeForce 6800 graphics cards.
The case and PSU I'm thinking of getting is an Antec Sonata with 380W TruePower PSU, but the minimum requirement for the MSI NX6800 TD128 GeForce 6800 graphics card is 350W.
This seems a tad greedy to me?!!
Am I going to be able to run this card without getting any power problems, or do I have to get a meatier PSU?

I've had a good look around, reading PSU reviews etc, but the area of power requirements still seems a bit foggy to me.
I've even gone to a site with a power requirements calculator that came out with my total system power requirement at 321W.(So the graphics card min req of 350W doesn't make sense to me?)

Can anyone explain/advise?

If it helps, here is the complete base unit I'm thinking of getting:
Antec case with 380W TruePower PSU.
Asus A8V Rev.2 Deluxe Wireless edition MoBo.
Athlon 64 3200+ (socket 939) CPU
Corsair 1GB DDR XMS3200C2PT TwinX (2x512MB) RAM
MSI NX6800 TD128 GeForce 6800 128MB Graphics card.
Samsung Spinpoint P SP1614C 160GB SATA 8MB cache HDD.
Samsung TSH-552B 16x16 Dual Layer DVD +/- ReWriter.

My main query is about the Graphics card, but would also appreciate any thoughts/tips/advice on the components I'm going for?!!

Many Thanks.
Jack Tar
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  1. Keep in mind those minimum requirements have to take into account generic power supplies as well as other hardware using power.

    Honestly, I think you will be totally fine with that Truepower 380W as it is a decent PS. No problem. The Sonata is a very nice quiet case, one of my favorites to use now when a taller tower isn't needed. (I like the SLK3700 with 120mm fan also). I have the same Power supply in my media PC (Antec Overature).

    For example, the Antec 430W true power supply is doing fine for my BFG 6800U which states minimum of 480W. I have 1GB ram, A64 3000+, 4 case fans, 2 optical drives, SATA HDD, and floppy, and no issues at all, even OC'in the A64 to 2.2GHz.

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  2. Perhaps its more of recommendation than a requirement, taking into account the average users average system (# of drives, RAM, etc) just to make sure you have some leeway and don't run right at the limit

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  3. Not exactly just a recommendation. PSU wattage, as stated on the unit, is not what it seems.

    First, none of the PSUs operate at 100% efficiency (the best you get is 70% or so).

    Second, PSU documentation usually reports <font color=red> maximum </font color=red> wattage, not the typical one.

    Third, in many cases manufacturers test their PSUs in a cold box (temps from -4 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit). Your PSU is likely to be running at much higher temps (like 100 degrees+ ).

    Realistically, under average conditions you get a max of 450W from your 550W PSU

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    Personally, I prefer as great a margin of safety as my budget allows. Pauldh’s True430 is probably rounded down and gives a better output than its name suggests. This happens with major brand names sometimes.

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  4. Thanks for the info folks, much appreciated.

    I think I'll be OK on 380W as this still gives me a fair bit of leaway (from what I've managed to figure out), as long as I don't start adding too many bits'n'bobs later, by which time I can look at getting a beefier PSU anyway.

    Maybe it's just me, but I can see this becoming more of a problem in future, with PC components drawing more and more power I think the average enthusiast (like me) will struggle with power requirements and what their PSU's will handle.
    It's a subject which isn't very obvious until you start checking into things, and people could get caught out.

    But as long as THG and friendly folks like those that replied to this thread can help us amateurs out, we'll have no excuses.

    Thanks once again,
    Jack Tar.
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