Linux Desktop is taking over...

Linux is predicted to take up to 20% of the market for corporate desktops. <A HREF="" target="_new">read it here</A>

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  1. <A HREF="" target="_new"> China </A>
    Lots of gov'ts are doing similar things. Berlin / Germany, even state gov't in the US.

    Where else can they save $$$?? First they went from mainframes/midi's to workstations, then to Unix boxes then to Windows (CAD workstations for example) and now they can't save on hardware because everyone has a PC.

    The only logical next place to save is software. So we get Linux and outsourcing in spades over the next 10 yrs.

    <A HREF="" target="_new"> Wal Mart To Sell More Linux </A>

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  2. sooner we'll see one huge battle against linux & windows, yAy!

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  3. Linux needs a better graphics standard like DirectX 9.
    Linux needs more attention to the desktop. I hate to say it but MS is prettier. The fonts are nicer, the feel is richer.
    Ah well.

    Linux needs games to run on it, and that one is a chicken vs egg kind of proposition; i.e. not many home users run linux so why write games for it.

    I guess if MS locked up the OS so tight that home users couldn't get patches from pirated software that would help Linux. While MS turn a blind eye and friendly hackers keep opening up MS OS it's not going to be easy to reduce their market share.

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  4. DX9 is not a graphics 'standard'...things like VGA, DVI, SVGA, UVGA and so on are graphics standards. DX9 is a language that MicroSuck has decided to employ IN ORDER FOR VIDEO GAMES TO RUN ON THEIR SYSTEM. It is a would be like me programming my OS and then saying "Well, you have to utilize TKSx9 in order to play multimedia on this Operating System." It's all so that games can ONLY play on Microsoft systems. It was a hell of an idea for ol Bill to do this as it is making him a ton of our money.

    Anyways, check out the fonts in Redhat 9.0 AND the desktop layouts (you get multiple desktops to choose from in Linux...not just the default gayness of one like in microsoft)...I'd have to say that opengl runs better in Linux. I'd also have to say that all of my multimedia also runs better in Linux. I have never seen more crisp graphics or heard better sound than with RH9...then realize that Linux has only been an OS since 1995. That's 8 yrs. Check Microsoft at year 8. Windows 95 hadn't even been released yet. It was still a DOS system. I think Linux is doing just fine.

    MS will never lock up tight. Home users will always crack everything they ever put out. As long as there is assembly language...there will be cracks. And since machines talk with machine language...I don't think MS will ever win. That's why Linux will always be ahead. While MS is focusing on locking up their system...Linux will be vaulting ahead spending time on advancement instead of security.

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  5. Linux uses OpenGL, which is used quite often in windows, and is better than DX anyways.

    MS is very very very bland in desktop look and feel. Check out this screenie of how I had Mandrake 7.0 set up almost 4 years ago: <A HREF="" target="_new">Click</A>

    More and more games are coming out with linux support, and until then, some can run on winex.

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