ATI X800XL vs. nVidia 6800

I'm trying to compare the ATI Radeon X800XL vs. the NVIDIA GeForce 6800 (plain vanilla). Based on the specs, it looks like the ATI would be the better performer. Also, CompUSA has the ATI available for $299, while the NVIDIA is at about $339 (for the Leadtek on newegg).

So, is the ATI the better performer? I've looked for comparisons, but all comparisons I've seen are comparing the 6800GT and not the plain 6800.
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  1. Yes, ATI is the better price/performer...

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  2. The X800XL is a preformance contemporary of the 6800GT, so it'd beat a plain 6800 pretty handily.

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  3. As has been said, the X800XL is much better. I wonder when it will be in stock.

    Hey, the X800XTpe's are available now at Compusa, and for list price. Same price as a FX5950 Ultra. :tongue:

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  4. Well I don't think CompUSA has the X800XL available right now so it's a moot point. But if they do at $299 then clearly the X800XL is a much better choice.
  5. Apparently, they're starting to show up in the retail stores, but not much online yet ...

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    Thanks to all who responded!
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