Sony VAIO VGN-NR120E boot issues

Hopefully the third time is the charm here, the last two times I've come to tom's hardware for help I got absolutely none and was stuck figuring out issues on my own.

I'm fixing up a sony Vaio for a friend of mine, and was originally going to just install windows 7 on it and put in an antivirus for him.

It was working fine when I finished with it, starting up and shutting down no problem whatsoever. So I gave it back to him and told him it was all set.

The next day He tells me that it won't boot, and everytime he tries to runt he startup repair, it says it cannot be automatically repaired.

So I had him bring it back to me, the computer will now not start windows, It will not boot in safe mode, debug mode, it just won't boot period.

I've attempted to reinstall windows again, since there is nothing on it to lose as far as files go, but the windows setup will not load.

I can get the main setup screen where I have the options of startup repair, or installing windows, and when I click install the screen just stays on "starting setup", and won't change.

The system repair from my windows 7 CD does not work either.

Now since this notebook originally came with windows vista on it, I just now tried reinstalling vista, the the installation process won't even start, all I get is the generic vista wallpaper, with nothing on it, just my cursor. Nothing will load up, period.

Side note, upon trying to boot into safe mode, the system will stop when attempting to load "\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\CLASSPNP.SYS", crash, and attempt to restart itself.

Edit: I also forgot to mention that the initial crash after I gave the laptop back to him occured when it was installing updates, I have tried "running the last known good configuration" with no results.

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated/
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  1. No one at all has any idea what could be going wrong here?
  2. thanks you once again to the wonderful ******* people here at Tom's hardware, who have offered every bit of help they could.

    Yet again I've figured out my own problem without you people even offering some form of help.
  3. Why don't you share your answer instead of being such a jerk?
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