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I am upgrading my pc in 2 weeks and I am currently stuck between 2 options for a vid card. 1 is the 6800 GT with SLI the other is an X800 XL . The reason I like the 6800 is that in a year when the card starts to drop off I'll add the second 6800 with the SLI. However I am preferential to ATI as I have always had their cards and have never had a problem. Ati is supposed to come out with AMR which will be a "software solution" but will the cards currently being sold be able to take advantage of this? Given its not a hardware option as per what has been revealed would it not be possible to simply upgrade the bios of older cards to take advantage of this ? Any thoughts or anyone have any info which could help in my decision?
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  1. Some sites have hinted that Ati's "AMR" solution will be compatible with a range of cards, but it's all heresy because Ati hasn't released any info on it. I doiubt it's just a software solution, I believe you'd need an Ati-chipset on the motherboard to use it.

    If you already have an SLI motherboard, I'd just get the 6800GT. It's a great card, and it does leave you the SLI option in the future.

    If you don't have an SLI mobo, and you must have Ati, then wait a bit and see if any more info is released in the next little while.
    But honestly, who knows how long it'll take? If SLI is an important feature to you, get the 6800GT. Great cards.

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