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I have recently connected my laptop (Windows 7) via a HDMI cable to an external monitor which is just your average tv/pc monitor.
I simply want to use my larger screen for ease of use when in my room so i set it to duplicate my screen.
However, the windows screen that appears on my external monitor is too big for the screen and i am unable to see the edges of my screen such as the taskbar, scroll bar etc.
No matter how much i change the resolution i cannot fix this. I have also tried using the external monitor as an extended screen or just showing on its own, none of these have fixed the problem.
any help would be fantastic!

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  1. make sure you have the displays are set to mirror mode, not extend display from your main dektop to the tv
    you can also turn down the resolution to 1280x720 (half 1080p)
  2. Try the scaling options in your graphic card's control panel. Does the tv/monitor have any scaling options?
  3. what resolutions are we talking about here? what's your laptop set at, and what's the make/model # of the TV?
  4. just had to adjust the scaling options on the tv, of all the things i tried i didn't think of that!! thanks a bunch guys!!
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