Dear All,
Hello ! :)

I am looking for a solution to a DEAD HP DV6-1235ee laptop with the following motherboard:

Quanta UT3 schematics

PU1:: ISL6262
PU2:: RT8206B
PU3:: 8119LN
PU4:: P2805
PU5:: ISL6251

some of the voltages I measured:
DC jack = 19.93V
+VA = 19.90V
+VAD = 19.71V
+VIN = 19.71 V
+5VPCU = 5.25V
+3VPCU = 3.45V
+5VALW = 5.25V
+12VALW = 8.70V ?? is it fine or is it overloaded somewhere? some one told me it can be low intially and then once laptop starts it will reach a normal value. seems unlikely though.

Voltages At EC (KB3926)

9, 22, 33, 67, 96, 111, 125 (3VPCU) = 3.4V
037 3920_RST# = 3.3V
127 LID_EC# = 3.25V
086 ACIN (ACIN_1) = 3.1V

019 NBSWON#1 =3.4 / 0V (before /after power button)
090 DNBSWON#1 3.4 / falls to 0.2V gradually rises to 0.5V and settles there

95 RSMRST# 0V / 2.8 V only for half a second when you press the power button and then falls back to 0V

16 SUSC# 30 mV / 275mV again falls to 30 mV06 SUSB# 30 mV / 550 mV again falls to 30 mV

BIOS ( U22 sheet no 34)
Pin no. name voltage
1 BIOS CS# 0.18 V isnt it too low?
2 BIOS RD# 1.64 V
3 SPI 3P 3.4 V
4 VSS 0 V
5 BIOS WR# 0.25 V
6 SPI CLK 1.5 V
7 SPI 7P 3.4 V
8 VDD 3.4 V

I would request you to kindly let me know what is going wrong which is preventing the rsmrst voltage from getting high. it tries to go high but falls down immediately to zero. also the bios pin 1 is not getting enough voltage. what is wrong there?

I don’t know what to do now. Kindly show me the path to tread.

Thanks in advance
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  1. im no electonic but it would be easier to replace the motherboard
  2. that will be the last resort........ trying to find a more TECHNICAL answer.
  3. yes play with the voltages and risk frying internals
  4. alvine said:
    yes play with the voltages and risk frying internals

    there are much better things to play with....... and lets be a bit more optimistic.
  5. I wonder if its such a big problem that no one on the forum has a clue about it....... or its just laziness.

    i once again request you all the knowledgable forum users........ please give some feedback and help me overcome this dead laptop issue.

    HELP ME !!!
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