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Help! I have Asus G71g and started experiencing issues with the battery switching from a/c mood to battery mode when plugged in, and most of the time the battery indicator was saying it did not detect a battery in the laptop. I thought it was battery issue so I bought new battery and charger and same issue occurred. I at that point tore down the laptop and check the battery connector and cleaned it which made the laptop see the battery about 90% of the time, and it showed charging but really was not. Can anyone suggest what this could be motherboard voltage issue?
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  1. Typically in cases like this you have three possible culprits. The first is the battery, the second the AC adapter, the third is the motherboard. You've ruled out the first two, so that leaves you with the motherboard. The specific issue with the motherboard I wouldn't want to hazard a guess on.
  2. It is so strange if I take out the battery and just plug in the ac adapter computer works like a charm.. soo sad I have not been able to find a mother board for that laptop or a compatible one any suggestions so i trash it or try to fix it?
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