Lenovo U410 vs HP Envy 4-1030us

I'm stuck between the Lenovo U410 and the HP Envy 4-1030US.

Two of my friends have the Lenovo and two have the HP.

Spec-wise, they are basically the same.

Lenovo +Nvidia 610M
HP +Backlit Keyboard (I don't care about this)

Excluding looks, what do you think is a better choice?

I'm particularly worried about heat. I've had a bad experience with a past ASUS - its CPU was 60C idle and 95C during games.
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  1. I've read reviews and my friends say the U410 runs about 40C idle 85C full load

    HP - Idle ?? - Load 80C
  2. The resolution on the both screens is the same. The HP has a glossy finish and the Lenovo has an anti-glare screen . You can only get a 5400 RPM drive with the HP, but you can get a 7200 RPM drive with the Lenevo. Neither has an access door to enable upgrade of memory or hard drive. The HP requires that the display to be removed to get access. HP recommends you take the 4T-1030 to Best Buy if you want a memory upgrade. So I would recommend you get as much memory as you think you would ever want. Get the SSD for either, it speeds up boot up.
  3. From what I have heard Envy 4 is a cooler laptop due their coolsense technology and I would also prefer it due to the Beats Audio.Also here in India they have an offer going on giving Beats Solo HD Headphone (Worth 200$) free with the Envy 4, I don't know about you place.
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