Gaming Laptop 1200 bucks

Hey TomsHardware,

Here is what i need

I need a laptop that can play games like Bf3 on 70 fps while streaming/recording

I need something the is pretty rugged

I need something with an hdmi port

I can adjust my price a bit.....

I dont want to go with a company like IBuyPower or CyberPowerPc I want to get something like an Asus

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  1. A used one? $1200 is not much to do all that.
  2. Well what about playing games like ttt and shotgun sunrise tf2 ect ect on about 65 fps well streaming
  3. Hi :)

    Its just not enough money...for 70fps on BF3 ...add another $2000...

    Or build a gaming Pc for your original $1200....

    All the best Brett :)
  4. i know you dont want a rebranded clevo, but hopefully thses prices will help you change your mind
  5. I have a gaming laptop I'm looking to get rid of to build my own desktop. PM me if you're interested. Otherwise I'd say look at the Asus G series, that's what mine is and I play bl2 and bf3 at 60fps
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