Windows 8 or ios on asus transformer?

since the IOS for ipads, and windows 8 both have support for arm processors, and the tegra 3 in the asus transformers is an ARM based processor, with an unlocked/hacked asus transformer would it be possible to install one of these operating systems on it should i choose to use one?
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  1. Windows 8 RT might work, but IIRC it's only being distributed to OEMs, and you won't get iOS working on anything other than Apple's hardware. Just take a look at how difficult the average Hackintosh is to build, and multiply that by at least 10 fold to get iOS on anything other than an iDevice. That's before getting into the legal issues of doing something like that.
  2. If you want to use iOS, then go buy an iPAD. It is highly improbable that iOS will work with an Asus Transformer since it needs specific hardware components that will work with that OS.
  3. im not all that interested in IOS, was just curious, id be more interested in windowsRT, but i dont know, windows 8 is a bit annoying.. though it would be cool to have some windows software running on a tablet.. and i believe asus is already experimenting with windowsRT on their transformers?
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