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I have just read the review for NVidias latest mobile video offering. As far as I can tell, it seems that the Go 6800 Ultra is even faster than the current desktop offerings. The review of the Desktop 6800 Ultra found on Toms and other sites seems to show that the mobile part outpaces the desktop varient by a considerable margine. I know the machine specs arent exactly the same, and possibly the difference lies there, but unless I have overlooked something obvious then I must ask why NVidia has not taken the mobile part and stuck it on a PCIe board. Surely with the additional heat dissapation and available power the desktop can offer, the chip could be pushed to much greater heights with no actualy driver or internal modification.

Does anyone have thoughts on when I might be due for another video card update? I currently have a Radeon AIW 9800 Pro, and practically speaking it seems everything runs quite fast, even Half Life 2. I usually wait for something groundbreaking before I buy in, is there a generational leap from either ATI or NVidia on the horizon?

Lastly, I am currently running a XP2400, which I know is outdated. My motherboard is a Asus A7N8X Deluxe which I think can go up to a XP3200. I imagine the processor bump would yield me more perofrmance than a video bump, so I'm asking for suggestions.
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  1. Generational leap? Yep, word on the street is that Ati's next gen is right around the corner.

    Funny you should mention that your 9800 PRO is doing you well... heck, I game at 1024x768 with decent amounts of ansio in all the new games and I'm always surprised at how well the card is holding up. My iunner entheusiast REALLY WANTS a new card, but it's really hard to justify while this one does everything I need.

    I'm going to wait until a must have title comes out that I can't play to my satisfaction, methinks. Although I am seriously considering upgrading my platform to Athlon64, that might be something you would do well to look into as well... the AthlonXP is still a decent CPU, but those A64's really are quite a bit more powerful in the gaming arena.

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