Hp-pavilion-m7-1015dx best buy only?

So my dad needs a new 17 inch laptop. We were looking at the hp pavillion dv7 entertainment model, around $800. But we saw a new model at best buy, the Pavillion M7-1015. It had a silver body, ivy bridge stock, and a couple different features (9 cell standard, etc). But we wanted to upgrade the screen and hard drive.

So far I can't find any information about this laptop outside of it being for sale at best buy. Does anyone know if this model is some kind of best buy exclusive or something? Does hp do stuff like that? He'd prefer this model but not of we can't customize it (at least upgrade the screen).

Any information is much appreciated!
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    It may indeed be a Best Buy exclusive. A search of the HP site will only take you to a support page for that model. HP does have customizable laptops available on their site. Yes, HP will offer exclusive models at various stores such as Best Buy, Office Depot, etc.
  2. No you wouldn't be able to upgrade the LCD through Best Buy, nor HP, but there are warranty-voiding paths you can choose. If you look long and hard, you may very well find compatible 1080p panels that will work successfully in that model laptop since HP's LCD connectors are all the same. I couldn't point you in the right direction, I just know a few guys that have got it done.
  3. It's very frustrating that the Best Buy machine has better stock components then the version you can buy directly from HP. Oh well, time to make a decision I suppose..
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